It was highly volatile day on Indian stock markets on 21st Sep 18 wherein BSE Sensex fell about 1500 points (3%) from it’s day’s high and Nifty 50 too declined more than 3% from its day’s top. But both the indices recovered quite a bit by the closing.

Such wild swings have  happened   in the stock markets in the past and will happen in future too.

But do such volatility is any cause of concern to the long term investors? 
Answer is big NO as these kind of market corrections give excellent opportunities to invest more ,so as to bring down the cost of purchase( Rupee Cost Averaging). You buy more number of units with the same amount of money.

Please  remember investments done during such volatile market conditions are the one which will give you excellent returns when market starts heading northwards. As a disciplined investor keep investing, through good and bad times of the market conditions as part of Systematic Investment Plan(SIP) ,to reap in the benefits of long term wealth creation.

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