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Financial Planning

We help you with your long-term financial goals

Most of us feel that financial management is too technical, complex and difficult to understand, which is what keeps us from even making an effort to understand it.

Get started on the process to meeting your lifelong financial goals through proper management of your finances.

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Investment Planning

We help you make smart, educated investments

Investing can feel overwhelming, daunting and risky. But when done right, the returns can be tremendous. Making smart investments is the only way you can ensure you don't run into unforeseen money problems in your future!

Analyze your risk profile and figure out what kind investments will work best for you.

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Retirement Planning

We help you secure your family's financial future

Investing in your future to make sure everything that matters to you - your family, your home, your lifestyle - is protected.

Start planning for your future today, because your financial plan today is what will give you and your family peace of mind tomorrow.

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Mutual Funds Investment Planning

We help you build diverse and high-return mutual fund portfolios

You may feel that because mutual funds invest in stocks themselves, it might be better for you to invest in stocks directly through a broker.

However, in our view, mutual funds are far safer than stocks because mutual funds are invested in a diversified portfolio of stocks across different sectors.

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Life Insurance Planning

We help you with life insurance policies to protect yourself against emergencies

Accidents can befall you and your family at any time. The only precaution you can take is being prepared.

A Life Insurance policy can protect the life you've worked so hard to create and give you and your loved one's choices when they need them the most!

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Nina NairNina Nair
18:51 23 Nov 23
Investing with Invest wisely has been the perfect decision. It is a true partnership with Col Goyal ,he makes sure that I am informed of my investments at all times . He studies the market keenly and understands its nuances very well. I have benefited tremendously from this association.
Mukesh ChaudharyMukesh Chaudhary
07:47 20 Sep 23
Indra SomaiahIndra Somaiah
14:27 14 Sep 23
I do not know Mutual Funds. But I DO know Rakesh Goyal! A fauji bhai to us all.I know that I trust him implicitly and have total faith in his financial acumen and abilities.I am very happy that he is managing my finances. All I need to do is spend the money which is so wisely invests for me!Thank you, Rakesh.
04:28 04 Sep 23
Excellent service. Honest, transparent and apt financial advice - while the customer retains total control over the assets. Professionally very sound and they get the job done minus the hoopla and confusing jargon. Highly recommended. A special thanks to Colonel Goel.
Jolly SinghJolly Singh
01:43 04 Sep 23
LIW has been a great partner in my investment journey. Even though I was investing on my own earlier, with LIW I was able to put lot more structure and aim to my investing. They guided me all the way resulting in a successful purchase and repayment of my homes, travels and severap critical financial commitments.If you are serious about making your money work, go with LIW - they will invest your money wisely and help it grow to it's true potential.
sanjiv bajajsanjiv bajaj
15:29 05 Aug 23
I have known Col Rakesh Goyal from a long time...since Army service days. He is a very accomplished financial planner, and has always provided sound advice. I am very happy with the services being provided by Lets Invest Wisely, and wish them all the best.
Shubham ChauhanShubham Chauhan
10:02 31 Jul 23
I've been really impressed with their knowledge and expertise. They're always up-to-date on the latest market trends, and they're always willing to answer my questions. I also appreciate their transparency about the risks involved in investing. My portfolio has grown significantly, and I feel much more confident about my investment decisions.
rohit guptarohit gupta
12:17 29 Jul 23
The best what an amateur can get. It’s been about 2 years and without any tension, any knowledge, the money has grown more than the avg market. The advice is always genuine and in favour of client. Especially, the assuring pieces of information about the invested money which we receive time to time. Then, the online account and when the App. I ventured into this firm after trying for about 15 years on my own but realised that time & tension was too much as against the profit recd. Now……let the masters of the job do the handling. Rather you may sit back, relax, discuss and even advise 😊


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